What is the Future of Music?

Because music permeates so many aspects of our lives, asking “what is the future of music” is really a question about how music will continue to influence how we live.

Most likely, the direction of music in the future will mirror the advances in contemporary technology. It will function as a window to the past, kept open by any musicians who continue to make music in more conventional ways, be extremely sociable, comparable to social media, and increasingly computer-based and A.I. driven.

Let’s look at three potential directions for music in the future. Remember that they are merely theoretical and by no means conclusive.

It can be beneficial to begin by briefly examining what music is, its purpose, and how it links to technology.
Art has followed that same strategy ever since. It has always been a method for us to take the world around us and turn it into something that reflected our viewpoint.

The goal is the same regardless of the medium, whether it be painting, sculpture, dancing, photography, or cinema.

We internalize our immediate experience of the world, which we then develop into something fresh and wholly human.

The technology we use to make art and how we perceive our environment change during this process.
The art evolves and takes on novel and fascinating shapes as technology advances and as we view the world through the lens of earlier works of art.

What does this have to do with music?

This pattern is followed by music, which is an art form and shares the same intention. Although it still has the same idea or goal, how it shows itself has changed.

Consider attempting to reproduce Queen’s operatic masterwork Bohemian Rhapsody on a gramophone, for instance. Was that even conceivable? Absolutely not. What was required to produce it could not have been supported by technology. Could Freddie Mercury have written it if he had never experienced or been inspired by opera? No, he couldn’t have in reality.

Having said that, both the state of the art at the time and the state of the technology available today are completely and permanently entwined in how we express ourselves via art and the art we produce.

All of this serves to demonstrate that music will most likely follow the path of new technologies and expand upon the cultural identities that it and other art forms have already established.

This raises the question of what modern technology is influencing how we compose music.

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