Phora-Find Hope free mp3 download

Phora-Find Hope free mp3 download
Phora-Find Hope free mp3 download

Stream and download the free mp3 hit song “Find Hope By Phora below.

This song is the best of it all and you will enjoy this hit. Phora in track were expressing about hope and kinda giving an advice to a person best known to him… seem like phora were talking to someone using this hit…hmm drop your comment.

  • Artist: Phora
  • Genre: Hip hop
  • Released: 2022
  • Duration: 03:29




“Find Hope”

You learn to smile through the pain
You learn to trust in the people you love
You learn that life will always change
And it’s okay ’cause even on your best days
I understand that it’s hard to hold hope (Hope)
Tears in your eyes, feelin’ low, I know it’s hard to hold on (On)
See if all we truly have is ourselves
Why should their opinions weigh you down?
Tears runnin’ down your cheek until you drown
I just pray you find love (Love)
A love for yourself that’s not comparable to anything else
Sometimes it’s hard to cry for help
But it don’t matter what they say, just have hope in yourself
I might not feel the same pain that you felt
But I know what it’s like to be so damaged you start hurtin’ yourself
See, I’m a man, not perfect
A stone [?] from worthless
I came up from a city where they say we have no purpose
And funerals the only time we ever visit churches
We grow up without no one, there’s a world without, it’s hurtin’ all this pain
They love to blame our generation


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