OBN Dev-Scam Bible 2 mp3 download

OBN Dev-Scam Bible 2 mp3 download
OBN Dev-Scam Bible 2 mp3 download


[Intro: OBN Dev & TheKgTrax]
Oh, you hear me? Hold on
I’ma get us some free bands, hold on (Ayo Kg kill these niggas)
Hey, where my paper… alright here we go

The last nigga that I scammed today was in the NBA
I just got a DM from Kyrie and made a band today
I won a hundred bands for my birthday make it a scammer day
Just spent another 10k I might go and bless a fan today
I could’ve got a job but I rather choose the scammer way
Cause i’d rather have a couple million to go put away
I’m finna put the city on, get rich and then move away
If you have had attention to these songs then you’ll learn the way
Go and get a [?] but it can only be from three states
Gon’ need a date and birth [?]
You might have an unemployment card come back with 10k
Utah, Washington and Alabama these are three states
ADD got my pockets fat built like 10k
Apply for ADD and credit cards in the same date
You wanna play it smooth and go pull it out on broad day
You don’t wanna pull it out at once just start at seven days
Come and shop with me to get the EMV software
Cause you gon’ need that if you wanna swipe anywhere
You need an MSR cause that’s how you get the info there
Punch the card up, burn the info then you in the clear
The judge had to run off with a player heard- (Gunshots)
’cause i don’t play that
Them hating ass Instagram comments on the same day
Cause I’ma find out your ID and even take that
Go and get a VO8 because they hid it from the fake checks
Just make sure you force your signature when you make that
Just one wrong move and it’s ten years you gotta face that
So don’t be out here thinking that is sweet it’ll get your head cracked
When you make your first piece go to the gas station
Then try it out if it’s gon’ hit you gotta be patient
I’m putting real methods in my songs they done pump fake it
I know you just lost your job but get on I’m here to come save it
Everybody wanna be a scammer now you gotta be quick
You gotta have a fake ID with you to get the big shit
Fake checks and debit cards I put that on my wishlist
It don’t matter how low your credit is I still could fix it

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