Hakeem Havin – Biography

Hakeem Havin – biography
Hakeem Havin – biography

Nwokoye Emmanuel Ifeanyi is a singer/songwriter and rapper professionally known as Hakeem Havin. He was born on the 14th of July 2000. A Cameroon born Nigeria Artist, who grew up in YaoundéCameroon and subsequently relocated to Anambra State, Nigeria. His musical style is Afro-Fusion, Trap and HipHop.

His name Hakeem Havin is a coined acronym that stands for – ‘wise or learn on his craft’.

Bilingual High School of Yaoundé was his alma mater.

Hakeem Havin got his start when he was very young, rapping and singing on his own tune. He developed an interest in music and began writing songs while still in secondary school. Currently Studying Music at Nnamdi Azikiwe University.


Who is Hakeem Havin in Nigeria?

Hakeem Havin – Biography
Hakeem Havin – Biography


Originally named Emmanuel Nwokoye Ifeanyi, Hakeem Havin is a fast-rising Nigerian Afro-Fusion HipHop Singer/Rapper, songwriter, composer and producer. He is an exception who has won hearts all over the country with his unforgettable tunes.Hakeem Havin biography unveils unknown facts about the young artist.


Hakeem Havin is a viral sensation, gradually establishing himself as a promising Nigerian music star. He draws inspiration to create music from his personal experiences and environment. His unbeatable ability to tell stories in his music while including vivid melodies and harmony has earned him a legion of fans. He has also caught the attention of some of the country’s bigwigs who have allowed him to work with them. Hakeem Havin biography is a reflection of his journey.

Hakeem Havin biography

This artist’s biography is a hugely motivating success story. In months, he went from being a simple Anambra boy to a sensational singer/rapper. However, the journey was not a smooth sail.

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What is Hakeem Havin real name?

Hakeem Havin – real name
Hakeem Havin – real name

His real name is Nwokoye Emmanuel Ifeanyi. His stage name is Hakeem Havin, an acronym wise and learned at his craft.

Hakeem Havin age:

Hakeem Havin was born on the year 2000, in the city of Yaoundé, Cameroon but a Citizen of Nigeria by Nationalization. it is known that Hakeem Havin age is 22years, and he is already so successful at such a young age.

Is Hakeem Havin a Yoruba?

The Answer is No, Hakeem Havin Nigerian artist spent his childhood years in Cameroon, with his family later moving away to Akwuzu in Anambra State, Nigeria. Where he’s origins and family background emerges. Yes His young years were pretty typical, and he had an interest in music since he was little. Nonetheless, he is not a Yoruba but an Igbo.

Hakeem Havin rise to prominence in Nigeria

Hakeem Havin started writing music when he was in junior secondary school. At the time, he called himself “Dice” but later changed his stage name to Hakeem Havin. He started out rapping and ended up joining the choir. He began performing solo at valedictory services and carried his passion to the university with time. For a while, he stopped playing music due to financial problems and decided to learn production which he got and rebranded his style.

While he was still at university, he felt that writing and performing music was his calling One day, he came up with his stage name and finally decided to chase music. In 5th July 2022, he released his first official record, “Episode ” along with a music video. His second record was called “MILLS“, whose music video was recorded on a Studio. This creative choice was completely unplanned, as the idea came to Hakeem Havin and his team while on a canoe trip.


He has featured a lot of Artist and currently working on his First Album to be released before the year 2022 runs out.

Hakeem Havin is a viral sensation and one of Nigeria’s freshest music acts. Although he is young, he can become one of the greatest Nigerian stars.

Hakeem Havin profile summary.

  • Full name: Nwokoye Emmanuel Ifeanyi
  • Stage name: Hakeem Havin (shortened to Havin) 
  • Age: 22 years old 
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Birthplace: Yaoundé, Cameroon
  • Eye colour: Black
  • Hair colour: Black
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, pianist
  • Location: Anambra State, Nigeria
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Instruments: Vocals, Piano 
  • Genre: HipHop, Pop, Trap, Afropop
  • Years active: 2020 – present 
  • Albums: HAVIN(The best of it all)
  • Awards: Bilingual High School Best Artist, Rising Star Award, Five-Star Honors, City People Music Award for Revelation of the Year.
  • Social Media Handles: @hakeemhavin

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