Erica Banks-Who Want A Problem mp3 download

Erica Banks-Who Want A Problem (Freestyle)
Erica Banks-Who Want A Problem (Freestyle)

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Who Want A Problem (Freestyle) Lyrics

See all that back and forth about who this and who that (Ahaha, shut the fuck up)
I don’t really have to say much because I’m the motherfucking truth and them hoes know it
‘Cause, huh?[Verse]
It ain’t a bitch who would get on the beat and can ride on the beat like she thought it was pipe
It ain’t my problem I went up on bitches with only a single, I’m with all the hype
Who running my name?
Who got a problem? Address it, we send that hoe up like a kite
And I ain’t stopping no hoe in the club when I’m drunk
‘Cause I know me a bitch who can fight, huh
Eat on the P in the back of the Benz
He ain’t a boss if he trap with a friend
And I’m up, no we ain’t cappin’ on him
Boy if he broke, then we laughing at him
Take me a pic ’cause I’m pretty
Ain’t nothing fake but these bitches and titties
He wanna date, but I’m not in the city
I gave him the cake and he got me the Fendi
Bitch, look, who want a problem with me?
Bitch, nah, I don’t pop it for free
Eat from the back and he swallow the P
But that hoe probably drunk if she talking to me
Is you stupid, who want a problem with E?
Make it direct, ain’t no talkin’ a T
If I feel disrespected, he offin’ for me
Standing too close, ain’t no coughin’ for free
Huh, water with the [?]
Three beams to the head, yeah, three dots
Four or five tones in the watch, he a peacock
Shawty on the floor, she ain’t even took three shots, huh
Body make a nigga be a dope fiend
Calling cause he checking for the flow queen
I don’t even text, but the nigga bringing more green
Fuck about a bitch, I wanna [?]
Big rare bitch, I’m Dallas
Real cute shape but a hoe need talent
I don’t even think that a hoe can have it
I’ma leave it on the beat in case a hoe want static
Brand new Patek, brand new seats with the white
Brand new teeth with the ice (On God)
Brand new shit, I’m a brand new bitch
Brand new tint I’m a freak for the price, yeah

Hmm, who want a problem with me?
Who want a problem with E? Mm
Who want a— bitch
The fuck is you talkin’ ’bout?
Make a hoe walk it out
Uh, no we can’t talk it out
Don’t give a fuck, we fallin’ out, bitch
Hmm, who want a problem with me?
Who want a problem with E? Mm
Who want a—

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