DRAKODEiNE & 44 Bird-Commie mp3 download

DRAKODEiNE & 44 Bird-Commie mp3 download
DRAKODEiNE & 44 Bird-Commie mp3 download

Stream and download the free mp3 hit song “Commie By 44 Bird & DrakoDeine below.

This song is the best of it all and you will enjoy this hit.


Commie Lyrics

[Verse 1: DRAKODEiNE]
[?][Verse 2: 44 Bird]
I might just go super Saiyan like goku
Im In your hood wit shawty eating tofu
Glock in your face if I do not know you
There ain’t a place in oc Uyou can go to
Rocking all blue like a crip
Feel Like Kobe I’m getti mg m m ore chips
If u a pussy I’ll say it off rip
Just like kakashi you taking my drip
Just like tekashi you snitching and shit
Drako & bird on a track is like mj & pippen
If shawty not with me then she start the trippin
I got some oops in la I’ll probably get pressed in the bay
Salami pastrami rather kulliminati I pass drako the drako he pass me the tommy
Haters all mad cause the Louis v on me
Haters all mad cause the Chanel all on me
All of you fold like it’s origami
Just like a commie aim at your body
I sold em some soap and I told em it’s molly (BOW!)
Momma look at me now
You talk shit on me and I’ll run your crew down
I’m in the zone so don’t make a sound
I’m smoking my pound she bark at me now
The way I still do it stop asking me how
Keeping ten toes to the ground
Stay on the grind lord I cannot frown
I’m tryna get my name up in your town
Now they all flockin around
You smoking that flakka how bad are you down
Drako’s tommy it shoot like Steve Nash
Hop out of the whip and I’m counting the cash
Come here lil shorty lemme nut on your back
And I’m not taking it back
Make it right back

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