Bino Rideaux – INTRO Mp3

Stream and download the free mp3 hit song below “SORRY 4 THA WAIT II” By Bino Rideaux. This hit has been the latest banger in the music market.


[Spoken Words]
Okay, alright, so what is it gonna be?
Okay, like you’re, you’re playing too many fucking games with me, my nigga like
One day it’s one thing, another day it’s something else
You out here running these streets with all these other clown ass niggas like
Who the fuck even? Like, who are you?
I mean, my friends are sitting here saying like, “When are you gonna drop this fool?”
Are you like, are you kidding me?
And what am I supposed to do?
What am I supposed to do when I’m, I’m sitting herе
I’m, I’m doing what I’m supposed, I’m here loving you?
And you just making mе look like a fucking idiot, I mean

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