Alicia Keys-Only-You-Originals free mp3 download

Alicia Keys-Stay ft. Lucky Daye
Alicia Keys-Stay ft. Lucky Daye

Stream and download the free mp3 hit song “Only you (unlocked) By Alicia Keys below.

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Artist: Alicia Keys
Title: Only you
Released: 2021
Genre: R&B/Soul


I am nothing without you hereWith you, I love without fearNothing, oh, nothing they say about youHas meaning to me
We won’t let nothingTake this sweet something‘Cause I don’t want nothing, (nothing), nothingOnly you
For you, I come, guns blazingCrazy as love is, it’s amazingWe found good love, I found my best friendAnd I love you
We won’t let nothingTake our sweet something‘Cause I don’t want nothing (nothing), nothing (no one)Only you
Ooh, ooh-oohOoh, ooh-oohOoh-ooh-oohOoh-ooh-oohOoh-ooh, ooh-oohOoh-ooh-oohOoh-ooh-oohOoh-ooh-oohOoh-ooh-ooh


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