Alicia Keys- Old Memories mp3 download

Alicia Keys-Stay ft. Lucky Daye
Alicia Keys-Stay ft. Lucky Daye

Stream and download the free mp3 hit song “Old Memories By Alicia Keys below.

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Artist: Alicia Keys
Released: 2021
Genres: R&B/Soul, Pop
Old memoriesThey don’t go awayThey show up before you leaveAnd disappear when you wish they’d stayNo heart is immune (nah)No secret is keptYeah, they only get stronger with ageOld memories (no)They don’t go away
Old love songs (uh, yeah)They don’t ever end (that’s right)Just when you think that you moved on (come on)They remind you, you ain’t over it (uh, uh)
Sneak in the dark (yeah)Creep in your bed (yeah)Playing over the loss in your headOld love songsThey don’t ever end (uh-huh, uh-huh)
It’s a problem, I’m telling yaMakes you temperamental (that’s right)It takes all of the best of yaYou ain’t gon’ never let go (nah)
Old photographs (yeah)Never fade away (uh-uh)They’re just frozen there in timeLocked in pretty picture frames (like that)
The once happiness (yeah)It’s a black and white that you can’t changeOld photographs never fade away (uh, uh, uh)
It’s a problem, I’m telling ya (yeah)Makes you temperamental (yeah)It takes all of the best of ya (let’s go)You ain’t gone never let go (uh)
Look at me, lost in yesterday (I see you)Thought that I was over you (too bad)But you haunt me in every way (too bad)
My heart is with you (yeah)The secret is out (yeah)And it only gets stronger with ageOld memories (uh-huh)Of you and me they don’t go away


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