44 Bird-Soul Silver mp3 download

44 Bird - Duran mp3 download
44 Bird - Duran mp3 download

Stream and download the free mp3 hit song “Soul Silver By 44 Bird below.

This song is the best of it all and you will enjoy this hit.


Soul Silver Lyrics

[Intro: Allen Iverson]
We talkin’ about practice
Not a game
Not, not, not the game that I go out there and die for, and play every game like it’s my last
Not the game!
We talkin’ about practice, man
I mean how silly is that, we talkin’ about practice

[Verse 1]
We had our thing but she went too crazy
I pass to cousin like Carter McGrady
Ain’t no complaining I wake up I’m praying, then go and get faded
Order the biscuits and gravy ’cause I get the check on the daily
No Allah no mama I wouldn’t of made it
But I got no patience, I need her right now before it’s too late and
Time just keeps on flying I’m feeling sedated
Stop asking why I’m not kicking it lately
Everyone’s parents bought them a Mercedes
But my dad was with Escobar in the 80s
A lotta bullshit but it will not break me
I’m so tired like every day but I am still ballin’ no NBA
Jumpman off of the stage, I’m flexing the minimum wage

[Verse 2]
White Sox on my cap, Iverson on my back
In the 80s Cadillac, I wish that she’d text me back
But either way I’m so relaxed
Baby girl watch my back
I want you girl ’cause I relate
I know you need your time and space
But baby you should come my way
I love it when we conversate
The way you move make me feel so great
The type of love that’ll eat the hate
And I pray to God you feel the same

But you probably don’t

[Verse 3]
These dudes is some heathens, blunt in my mouth I’m slashing a demon
Remember the days where we was all geekin’, your girl gon’ get to the freakin’
But I cannot see it
Like I just want more real conversations
Gettin the cookies like Payton
Never gon’ sign to Satan
I got no time for the playing
Got a few hits in the making
Waiting for someone to say it
That Lil Bird is the greatest
Added to all of my playlists
Tour across the nation
Think I might need a vacation
Touchdown Baltimore Ravens
And if you hating then it’s okay bitch
One day you’ll see that we made it
Hibachi we copping the steak lit

[Verse 4]
You didn’t want smoke too bad
I just sparked this spliff with Brad
Old friends gone ’cause I go too fast
Way too hot so I got this rash
No regrets left them in the past
Wake up 2 A.M. get cash
Building something that might last
Even though this shit’s a drag
No Bandicoot now I can’t Crash





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