Aha Gazelle – Letter to You mp3 download

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Aha Gazelle - Letter to You mp3 download

Aha Gazelle – Letter to You mp3 download

Checkout this hit Letter to You by Aha Gazelle which is in  his recent album released. down this free track right here at alphaltloaded.

Letter to You Lyrics

Palms are sweaty, heart is racing, I’m not
Really good with conversation so I
Made the choice to keep my music true
Tell ’em keep that lion at the zoo
We haven’t met but I wrote this for you
To help you with the things you’re going through
I allow for time to be removed
I met the game and then I said I do

I try to smile regardless of my mood
Even when you give me attitude
Even when the text not coming through
Even when the message isn’t blue
Who controls the color of the sky (Sky)
The only one I wish I could confide (Confide)
When it starts to rain inside your eyes
I comply and never asked you why
My pockets are the only thing that’s green
Even though my sky is often grey
Reminders that you can’t have everything
And everything can’t always go your way
I’m running out of places I can stay
I’m running out of music I can make
I’m running out of things that I can say